The Northwest District Council (NWDC) is a forum for discussion and action on issues of interest to the people of the Northwest District. The Northwest District is one of the 13 districts into which Seattle is divided for representation on the Seattle City Neighborhood Council (CNC) ( The CNC is a forum for discussion and action on issues of interest to the people of Seattle. The NWDC and the CNC were formed in approximately 1989. The image to the right shows the 13 districts of the City Neighborhood Council. The Northwest District covers an area roughly bounded by 45th Street to the south, 8th Avenue NW to the west, 145th Street to the north, and I-5 to the east, but includes part of some communities beyond those guidelines. The District Councils and the City Neighborhood Council are volunteer organizations recognized by the city, NOT governmental bodies like the Seattle City Council ( However, the Seattle City Department of Neighborhoods ( provides staff to support the work of District Councils and the City Neighborhood Council. Though the Northwest District Council is structured as an "organization of community organizations" (see list, below), it welcomes participation by all.

NW District Council ByLaws were updated Dec 7, 2011. To read the full text click here.

Member Organization Contacts

Aurora Avenue Merchants Association, Faye Garneau

Broadview Community Council, Jim Jensen

Friends of Green Lake, Marcia Norman

Green Lake Community Council, Ellen Hewitt

Greenwood Community Council, Benjamin Mitchell

Haller Lake Community Club, Kris Lethin

Licton Springs Community Council, Jan Brucker

Phinney Ridge Community Council, Alice Poggi

36th District Democrats, Jacqueline Sorgen

Neighorhood Organization Contacts

Broadview GAIN

Carkeek Park Advisory Council, Jack Heavner

Carkeek Watershed Community Action Project
, Nancy Malmgren

Committee to Improve Linden Ave. N., Richard Dyksterhuis

Greenwood (North Seattle) Boys & Girls Club, Joan Caldon

Greenwood Aurora Involved Neighbors (GAIN: GAIN Broadview), Brandon Brusch

Greenwood Aurora Involved Neighbors (GAIN: GAIN North), Dan Pavlovic

Greenwood Aurora Involved Neighbors (GAIN: GAIN "Classic"), Cindy Potter

Greenwood Aurora Involved Neighbors (GAIN: GAIN The Highland), Will Murray

Phinney Neighborhood Association, Lee Harper

Tri-Court Resident Council, Aubria Boynton

36th District Republicans, John Curtis

43rd District Democrats, Peter House

826-Seattle, Michelle DeBruyn


Served by District Councils


NW District Council Officers

NW District Council Chair
Rob Fellows

NW District Council Secretary

CNC Representative

NW District Coordinator
Thomas Whittemore


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